Friday 29 May 2020, 22:00

Ukrainian Institute
of Research of Extremism



The objective of the Institute is to study specificities of extremist manifestations in all spheres of life in Ukraine; to provide authorities with scientific, organizational and informational support; to help public organizations and citizens in conducting activities to prevent, counteract, de-escalate and reduce the impact of extremism on political, economic and social development of Ukraine and realization of human rights; to do research and adapt international experience of prejudice and opposition to extremism to Ukrainian conditions.

There are the following main tasks of the Institute:

  • providing scientific evidence, analysis, evaluation of problems connected with extremism and forecasting its transformation in Ukraine; defining criteria and characteristics of extremism in Ukraine, its impact on the socio-economic and political development of the state, local government and the protection of human rights;
  • investigation of influence, role and place of extremist organizations in the political, economic, social, religious spheres of the Ukrainian society;
  • study of peculiarities of formation, transformation, distribution and impact of extreme ideologies and ideas in Ukraine; investigation of interaction and mutual influence between unacceptable and acceptable program areas;
  • analysis of efficacy of extremism prevention and counteraction methods, which are used by governmental authorities, law enforcement agencies, political and public organizations;
  • development and implementation of programs aimed at reducing the impact of extremism on political, economic, social and religious spheres of the Ukrainian society;
  • sociological research regarding a perception of extremist manifestations, which the society or its individual layers have, availability/unavailability for its implementation, determination of the limit that separates acceptable and unacceptable activities, research of public opinion regarding extremism resistance methods used by public authorities;
  • monitoring of extremism in Ukraine;
  • monitoring and conducting interviews and surveys aiming to study the influence of majoring mass media (in a particular region) on perception of extremism and regional features of forming the image of the “enemy”;
  • analysis of the regulatory framework and analytical support for bills aimed at prevention and opposition to extremism, determination of legislation’s level of soundness for being able to confront real threats;
  • study the manifestations of economic extremism, forecasting its transformation and efficiency of methods to counteract the economic extremism in Ukraine, including raiding;
  • creation of programs of practical resistance to economic extremism;
  • analysis of the effectiveness and efficiency of social care for victims and their families that have been influenced by manifestations of extremism in Ukraine;
  • investigating issues of social protection of representatives of law enforcement agencies, which are directly involved in countering extremism;
  • content analysis of the major textbooks of secondary and higher educational institutions aiming to form polarized / tolerant consciousness and conducting opinion studies among high school and university students regarding their attitude towards unacceptable methods of activity;
  • organizing international, national, regional, theoretical and scientific conferences, seminars, “round tables” regarding the issues of extremist manifestations, methods of their de-escalation and establishment of pluralistic political and social culture in Ukraine;
  • developing and delivering trainings and courses on extremism, ways and practical methods of de-escalating its impact on human rights, political, social and economic processes of Ukraine;
  • providing citizens of Ukraine, public organizations, state and local governments, law enforcement agencies with information and consultancy services on extremism and measures of its prevention and de-escalation (on non-profit basis);
  • improving educational process in higher education institutions in terms of social and human sciences;
  • participating in creation of television projects related to specificities of extremism in Ukraine;
  • publication and free distribution of printed and electronic books, brochures, content for posting on the Internet, as well as, other products (including research, training and educational materials), highlighting extremism in Ukraine (reasons for, specificities of extremist manifestations, particular features and efficiency of confrontation methods);
  • creation and free distribution of a bulletin about development of extremism and other methods of renegade activities in Ukraine;
  • publication of research results on phenomenon of extremism and methods of resistance to it in Ukraine in domestic and foreign periodicals and journalistic publications;
  • cooperation with international and foreign institutions, organizations, implementation of joint research projects on extremism and development of methods to confront its manifestations;
  • studying the impact of external and imported extremism and identifying ways of blocking the channels of import and foreign financing of unacceptable methods of political behavior;
  • analysis of international practices and projects on prevention of  and counteraction to extremism;
  • implementation of foreign research projects regarding the specificities in perception of extremism by neighboring /other countries and organization of joint comparative analysis with foreign research centers regarding the effectiveness of counteracting methods for its de-escalation in different political systems and protection of human rights during implementation of anti-terrorism activities.