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Ukrainian Institute
of Research of Extremism

About us

Dear Colleagues!
Ukrainian Institute of Research of Extremism is a Non-Governmental Organization of scientific and educational scope. What has inspired us to create it and what goals do we pursue?
The events which broke out  in the end of 2013 have become the biggest challenge for Ukraine and absolute majority of its citizens in the whole history of the independent state since 1991: thousands of victims of political standoff; occupation of the part of the Ukrainian territory; real battle actions; several waves of drafts for military service. Manifestations of violence, intolerance and aggression have become trivial phenomena for society.
Tragic, partly dramatic events have led us to create an institution, which would be a center for expert opinion and public attention towards extremism in various spheres of social activity. In order to achieve this goal we will invite leading academics, professionals, practitioners, explore the experience of developed countries and offer new approaches to solve acute social problems.
The mission of the Institute consists in confirmation of democratic values and establishment of legal society by influencing the agenda of public policy, government affairs, information channels and educational system .
We are always happy to provide you with comprehensive information on research conclusions and results, to inform about new initiatives of our Institute, to provide an expert assessment of relevant problems of social life.

Head of the Ukrainian Institute of Research of Extremism                             Director of the Institute                                              Chairman of Supervisory Board

                 Galina Gerega                                                                                  Oleg Zarubinskyi                                                          Marek Siwiec


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    УІДЕ. Звіт – 2015. Перший рік діяльності

    Пропонуємо Вашій увазі звіт Українського інституту дослідження екстремізму за 2015 рік – перший рік своєї діяльності.

    Зі звітом Ви можете ознайомитись за посиланням

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    Welcoming address

    Dear friends!

    Recently Ukrainian society has become more accustomed to such concepts as “extremism”, “war”, “violence” and “extreme methods”. These phenomena, which for a long time have been mainly theories and exceptions, today have acquired not only a practical value, but also have become widespread concepts. Read more


    The objective of the Institute is to study specificities of extremist manifestations in all spheres of life in Ukraine; to provide authorities with scientific, organizational and informational support; to help public organizations and citizens in conducting activities to prevent, counteract, de-escalate and reduce the impact of extremism on political, economic and social development of Ukraine and realization of human rights; to do research and adapt international experience of prejudice and opposition to extremism to Ukrainian conditions. Read more