Sunday 17 January 2021, 05:02

Ukrainian Institute
of Research of Extremism



November 23, 2015 Ukrainian Institute of Research of Extremism and Institute of International Relations of Kyiv International University (KIU) held a roundtable “Modern international conflicts: causes, nature and ways of settlement.” The basis for the discussion were dangerous tendencies of exacerbation of civilizational conflict, interethnic and interreligious confrontation, Islamic extremism, continued external aggression in eastern Ukraine.

During the speech, Doctor of Political Sciences, professor, vice-rector of KIU Nekryach Anastasia said about  modern definition of an international conflict, its typology, nature and need of effective political and legal instruments preventing international conflicts. Special role acquires peacekeeping and the ability to diplomatic way of conflict resolution, the invention of effective institutional forms to prevent the escalation of violence.


Expert of the Ukrainian Institute of Research of Extremism, Ruslan Starovojtenko in his speech focused on new challenges of society radicalization in modern Europe. Islamic extremism takes on a different quality, it becomes global phenomenon of political reality, pretending to establish dictatorship of the Caliphate and not only in the Middle East, but also in the European space, in particular the task of establishing control over the Iberian Peninsula IDIL 2020. The lack of capacity for dialogue, acceptance of other cultures and traditions, religious fanaticism closely intertwined with the new wave of migration, which is partly inspired by strategists Islamization of Europe.

There is need in improving and redefining the paradigm of European multiculturalism. Tolerance and dialogue can be with those who recognize European values, principles. Security of every citizen in the European Union, in Ukraine as the current associate member of the European community, require effective strategies for combating new challenges and threats from Islamic extremism.

A special role  place Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine, which is only in the hands of Islamic terrorists and extremists that directly concerned in lack of unity and peaceful area in the European Union and are ready to use the Russian-Ukrainian conflict to avert attention from their own destructive actions in the Middle East and in migration processes.


Особливе місце займає агресія Росії на сході України, яка тільки на руку ісламським терористам і екстремістам, які прямо зацікавлені у відсутності єдності та мирного простору в Євросоюзі та готові використовувати російсько-український конфлікт для відвертання уваги від власних деструктивних дій на Близькому Сході та у міграційних процесах.