Thursday 26 November 2020, 06:48

Ukrainian Institute
of Research of Extremism

Celebrities teach internally displayed children. In Kiev, is opened the exhibition “Teach to do good”


On the 21 April at the Art Center “Chocolate House” (str. Shovkovychna 17/2) started the exhibition “Teach to do good”. Ukrainian Institute of Research of Extremism represents the project together with the photographer Constantyn Revutskiy, with support of Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights Mykola Kuleba.

On the photos you see famous Ukrainians and Internally displayed children, which through war lost their homes.

During opening the exhibition , organizer of the project, Head of the Ukrainian Institute of  Research of Extremism  Galina Gerega  said: “We wanted to make this not just a photo project revealed the problems of modern childhood, our task was to give to the society positive charge, to inspire people for good. In the photos we showed the fate of 30 children, which through the war lost their homes, but not  faith in the future and will to live. We find them mentors, people who have shown by their own example that man can achieve everything believing in yourself and not giving up. ”

Commissioner of the President of Ukraine for Children’s Rights Mykola Kuleba said: “Children – are not only our future, but also our present. It is up to us adults depends how our children will perceive this world, which path in life they will choose. For children who have experienced the horrors of military operations, it is important to show that there is another reality – without shelling and tears, the reality in which there is kindness,  and mutual support. ”

Ukrainian stars, athletes, artists appeal to children teaching them to sing, cook, play, write . By this project, we encourage children to follow the example of those who have achieved success through their efforts and talents. The main goal of the exhibition, to teach children to do  good, to show that  without violence people can be successful and happy.

Participants of the photo project were: first Ukrainian cosmonaut  Leonid Kadeniuk; singer, Honored Artist  of Ukraine  Oksana Bilozir; Olympic champion Irina Merleni; TV presenter Konstantin Grubich; Designer Elena Burba; actress Olga Sumy; National Police patrol Ukraine; founder of the first IT-companies in Ukraine Alexander Kardakov; Hero of Ukraine, test pilot Alexander Halunenko; Olympic champion, NOC President Serhiy Bubka, Ukraine; gymnast, Olympic champion Stella Zakharova; writer Ivan Drach; sculptor Oleg Pinchuk; artist Vladimir Kozyuk; TV presenter Olga Natalya Bondarchuk and Belasheva; TV presenters Nadia Matveeva and Sergei Kalinin; singer, winner of X-Factor Dmitry Babak; footballer Vladislav Vashchuk; dancer Amador Lopez; TV host Gabriela Massanha; Thank Straw broadcaster; Olympic champion Alexei babbler; singer, rapper Yarmak; director of the Kyiv National Operetta Theatre Bohdan Strutynsky; radio presenter, actor Andrew Dzhedzhula.

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