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Ukrainian Institute
of Research of Extremism

Problems of childhood in Ukraine in conditions of military aggression


 In “Ukrainian crisis media center” On June 10, 2015 was conducted a press conference on the topic “Children of war: consequences of military aggression in Ukraine”.

1ігThe Director of the Ukrainian Institute of Research of Extremism (UIRE) Oleg Zarubinskiy during the presentation “Children of War (researching the problems of childhood in Ukraine in conditions of military aggression )” said that the conflict in the Donbas, according to the UN , was  affected 5 million  Ukrainian citizens. According to UNICEF estimates 1.7 mln. victims (or 34% of  total number ) – are children.

According to WHO, May 1, 2015 in Donbas 68 children was killed. Of these, at least four – the time of the last truce, and 176 children were injured.

According to the State Service of Emergency Situations, June 3, 2015 resettled 873 thousand  816 persons. Including – 150 thousand 481 children ( 17.2 %). That is, on February 20, 2014 an average of 330 children every day remained their homes.

The most acute consequences of war were experienced and now feel children who live in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.  According to Oleg Zarubinskyi , to solve their problems Ukraine has to pay maximum attention to simplification of procedures of crossing boundary line and obtaining  Ukrainian documents provide real access to universities. In addition, he said, should be removed threshold of financial assistance for immigrants, which limits families with children.IMG_0706

“In the near future, should be solved the problem of permits from the zone of occupation, in particular, to allow passage for large families without necessary documents registration. It should be revised discriminatory conditions, that limiting assistance to IDPs residence among large family. It is established requirements of priority issues on accommodation of families, which leaving occupation zone with the children. Also, it is important to take into account that moving for families with children is costly. Accordingly, it would be appropriate to establish state assistance to families with children to leave the areas that are not controlled by Ukraine “, – he said.

Also among the urgent issues that need to be addressed, Bogdan Petrenko UIDE vice director highlights:

- Simplification of opportunities for Ukrainian documents on education;

- The allocation of funding for health care of refugees from the state, not local budgets;

- Formation of regulatory and legal conditions for the establishment and development of national information product for children.

“If Ukraine is interested in the preservation of human potential, it is in its interests to create conditions in which families with children would not only interested in the exit from the zone of occupation. But – have the opportunity to realize these interests, ” – said the expert.

Video from press conference