Tuesday 27 October 2020, 16:22

Ukrainian Institute
of Research of Extremism

Aggravating a Problem of Refugees in Europe Causes Negative Scenarios for Ukraine


“IDPs in Ukraine and refugees in Europe – same and different” – research, which was presented by Ukrainian Institute of Research of Extremism at a press-conference in information agency “Glavcom”.


The researchers emphasize, that refugees and IDPs are different categories, however they share a number of similar characteristics.  Above all, that inhumane living conditions uprooted this people from their homes.

“Today the European media and EU citizens are literally in a panic because of the huge influx of refugees. According to the UN, at the end of the summer, about 260 thousand people came to Europe through the Mediterranean (Greece, Italy). Last year Italy spent 9 million Euro for naval operations to prevent refugees. Alexander Dobrindt, German Minister of Transport, said that the limit of intension is  achieved”, – said the director of UIRE Oleg Zarubinskyi.

He said, that the wave of immigration into the EU is the largest in the post-war history. It can carry unpredictable consequences both for the EU and Ukraine.

“Ukraine risks to become one of the transfer point of refugees to Europe, in case of borders closure, the flow of illegal migrants canIMG_0802 be directed to our territory. In addition, due to increased financial burden on  asylees will  cut financial assistance programs EU for IDPs  in Ukraine “, -  politologist, expert of the institute in matters of conflictology Ruslan Starovojtenko.

In the Institute stressed that economic and social risks become sharp for Ukraine, because of the flow of citizens from the East. They stress that the number of IDPs in Ukraine is much higher than the number of asylees in  Germany.

Experts also draw attention to significant differences in social protection in Europe and Ukraine .

In France , with the help of housing , refugees receive 200 euros. In the United Kingdom  – 207, Netherlands – 178, in Poland – about 180 euros. This is approximately annual aid for labor immigrants in Ukraine.

As for Ukraine, in general, it remains the issue of effectiveness of state-support for ukrainian IPDs.