Saturday 24 January 2021, 00:38

Ukrainian Institute
of Research of Extremism


Problem of extremism escalation is becoming more and more urgent both in Ukraine and on the international level. Moreover, the extreme methods are used extensively in all areas of human life – social, political, economic, legal, and others. Extremism is a part of everydaylife, a part of everyone.

Taking into account the importance of this issue for all areas of Ukrainian society, the international community and the individual, the Institute express openness to cooperation with all institutions, organisations, experts, researches who aim to study this phenomenon. Moreover, the Institute’s experts are ready to participate in projects and activities related to the phenomenon of extremism, researching and developing recommendations for prevention and de-escalation of violance and extreme methods in all areas of society.

Regarding partnership, please, contact by the following telephone number:

+ 380 44 272 42 18